Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Alles gute Zum geburstag viel gluck, Meine Mutter!

Zum geburstag viel gluck..

Zum geburstag viel gluck..

Viel gluck zum geburstag..

Zum gebursrtag viel gluck..

This post is late, but we know that, late is better than never, so i think there is no fault to keep write this post special to my beloved mom :)

yesterday, 17th November 2009, my mom is 46th years old.
Happy bday mom, i can't give you something, i just can give you more wishes, and exactly my service to you in your born day. hehehe.

i wish that you get health till the end of time and always strong! hehehe
aamiin ya Allah, please always keep blessing my mom :) :)