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Sunday, January 24, 2010

On Promo! :D

Hello bloggers!
Boring day! Too many things that i don't have to do immediately because i wanna enjoy my holiday, ayeyyyyy
So blogging is my best choice now :D. I wanna talk about a fame. Yeah the word is so familiar, isn't it? Who wants to be a famous people? everyone will answer with a big passion, including me and you: "Me me me!!!" Yeah it's a very reasonable, right?
Almost people get a fame because of their hobbies, their sensations,  whatever! And i'm so so so appreciate to people who get a fame because of their hobby which can deliver them to the achievement. Everything is about process, right?
And  nowadays, many ways to get there, one of the way is to be a public figure
I'm glad if there are people i knew were crawling toward the stairs of popularity,
like this :

Rhyme Band was formed with 5 personnel, the band was born in Jakarta, 21st July 2009, here they are :
1. Weldy - Vocal
2. Reggy - Lead & Amp; Backing Vocal
3. Abbe - Bass
4. Yudha - drummer
5. Azter - rhythm
They said on Rhyme's Official Facebook :
Vision and future missions Rhyme is to enliven the music blantika Indonesia and we carried the flow of pop, with easy listening music,,,I hope our work can be enjoyed by all people. We ask support from family, friends, and all of people in this country, thank you!

They were performed in The First Pharmacy Expo Of State Islamic University,  Jakarta, brought their hit single, My Only One. You know what? first, i know that song on Facebook, i liked the song! i think easy listening, and now the song can be downloaded at 4shared. And i have memorized the lyrics :D
This is the song :

And  now they have "launched" their second single, TSBBTI (Tak Sempurna Bukan Berarti Tak Indah), check this out :

How do you think, guys? :D

 Success may be with us, cheers :)

~Indah Prihandini~