An Online Script: Friendship : Beautiful Sunset

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Friendship : Beautiful Sunset

Hallo Bloggers :)
In this Post I wanna say thanks to Mr. Agus Sarwono who has dedicated a very very beautiful picture to me :)
On his blog, Belajar dan Berkarya, there are many kinds cool pict by him. I love it and I love photography but i'm not a photographer like him, i just an admirer of photograph :)
So I was very flatterd when he gaves me "Friendship" freely to me :)
Thanks bro, I wish you get more success in the world of photography :D :D

The view is great, isn't it?
I haven't seen sunset like this before. So beautiful and romatic, I think. Someday I'd like to enjoy the beauty directly, I wish :) :) 

cheers :) :)
~Indah Prihandini~