An Online Script: Someday I'll Meet You

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Someday I'll Meet You

Seems like yesterday
That we were having so much fun
I can see you smile
Remembering the things we've done
But time goes by so fast
So many things were left unsaid

I wish I had a chance
To spend the day with you just one
I've always known that you've tried your best
Don't keep any regrets in you
And you'll be fine

I can feel you everywhere I go
I wrote this song for you to know
I'm wishing on every star to show you a sign
And if you can hear what I'm singing now

I wish happiness to be found in your life
And I'll be there someday on the other side

Take it easy now
You were just too sensitive for this life

Don't you worry 'bout us
Someday we should be fine
And I'll be there someday on the other side

by Boyd Kosiyabong 

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